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  • About Olokizumab:Olokizumab is a humanized monoclonal antibody  targeting the IL-6 cytokine. IL-6 is involved in several autoimmune and  inflammatory pathways. Olokizumab is the first of a new type of IL-6 inhibitor  that selectively blocks the final assembly of the IL-6 receptor signaling  complex.
  • Reg4ALL to enter you and, if chosen, your families medical information. Share with whom or where you want. You choose the level of privacy. A chance for researchers and doctors to find and register your conditions and information about Still’s disease. You to choose how and if you wish to participate in future studies or research projects. Sponsored by the Genetic Alliance organization through DiseaseinfoSearch
  • C-reactive protein test Aug. 16, 2013 – C-reactive protein test — Overview covers what to expect and results from this blood test.
  • Interactive Slideshows such as: Is there an RA diet? Day & Night: 24 Hours with RA, 10 Things to Know About RA. View any/all at: Presented by the Arthritis Foundation
  • Clinical And Laboratory Features And Treatment


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