For the last several years we have had the privilege to serve our community as leaders of the International Still’s Disease
Foundation, Inc. (ISDF). This foundation was incorporated by Bob and Carole Himes in 2001 following the loss of their adult
daughter, Shelly, who lost her battle due to complications of Still’s disease. The Himes’ aimed to establish support systems,
provide education, and facilitate research that would help those affected by this disease. The vision was one of “family,”
working together to overcome any challenges we face due to living with Still’s disease. While this family started with a small
core group of people, each year that has expanded to the wonderful group that exists today.

When Bob (“Dad”) Himes passed in the summer of 2015, his passing left a deep void.  Carole (“Mom”) passed in September of 2017. With my continued health challenges, it is time to turn over our work to those who we believe can carry the vision into the future. The organization dissolve is in name only; the resources, hard work, and community support will continue at our new home under the International Foundation for Autoimmune & Autoinflammatory Arthritis (IFAA), where the leadership can preserve our past efforts, embrace our current culture, and catapult efforts to a whole new level. Also, just as all our years of work with remain, I will too, as I will become an Advisor for Still’s Disease at IFAA. The primary goal is to make a transition that is as seamless as possible.

We could not have done our work without the generous donations from everyone through the years, and we thank you for those. Upon dissolution, ISDF will be passing along any remaining donations to IFAA so that they can continue our work in Still’s Disease. We ask that you continue to support the work for Still’s disease by sending your future donations to IFAA.  Donations made through this site, which is now managed by IFAA, will go directly to them to continue our work in the Still’s community. 

Patricia L. Boerner, President, Retired