Photos of Still’s Rashes & Joint Inflammation

Still’s Disease is a form of arthritis that is characterized by high spiking fevers and evanescent (transient) salmon-colored rash. Rashes can come and go with fevers, variations in temperature. usually hotter, and worsen at sites that have had trauma such as scratched areas, sores, etc.

 The photographs have been submitted by patients are believed to be rashes and inflammation associated to Still’s disease.

If you experience rashes it may be helpful to take pictures to assist your doctor with classification and/or a diagnoses.

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jayne #4 jayne #6 jayne #5vicki b stills rash (4)Vicki B Stills rashvicki b stills rash (6)

vicki b stills rash (10)vicki b stills rash (23)My swollen anklesvicki b stills rash (9)vicki b stills rash (5)vicki b stills rash (4)Vick Still's Rash

Amy 1Amy 3Amy 2Pam 2Pam 1Denise 1Denise 2Denise 3

Linda Barmo Richards RashLinda Barmo Richards

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