2012 Conference Highlights

Ninth Conference Highlights


This years conference was held at the Orleans Hotel & Casino in Las Vegas, Nevada.

We would first like to thank the Special Events Office and Hotel Staff of the Orleans Hotel and Casino for all the years of attentive service and discounts. You can visit their site at Orleans Hotel and Casino, Las Vegas, NV.

This year our guest speaker was Dr. John Cush. He graciously donated his time and knowledge to speak about his years specializing with patients and research with Still’s Disease. We were introduced to John Hammarley, a friend and associate of Dr. Cushs’; that came to film and produce several videos using Dr. Cush and those attending the conference. These videos are about the experiences of those living with Still’s disease and the research being done at Baylor Institute in Dallas, TX. This four part Still’s Video Series can be viewed here on our site at no charge. Donations are appreciated.

The primary reason we join together is to meet, converse and have fun with others that have and are connected to Still’s disease; and this year did not disappoint. We had members  from across the States, Canada and Europe come together. Some reunited  from the first conference nine years ago while others met for the first time. I have been lucky enough to attend each, but one conference, and am always as excited to go as the first one, and just as sad to leave. There is never enough time to visit all as I wish.

During conference day we always have a Fundraising For Gifts drawing. This is made possible with donated gifts from the foundation and those that attend. We laugh, share and swap the gifts drawn; as inevitably there are not enough men’s gifts, and silliness abounds as we trade. It starts with an engraved Dragon auctioned off each year  and this year’s was donated from Bob Himes’ personal collection, which made it more special to Evelyn Diaz, who proudly took it home.

We’d like to extend a special thank you to all that have contributed to the foundation throughout the years. Without your generosity the foundation would not be able to continue sharing information and support to those it serves.

Our next conference will be held in 2014 and held on the East Coast. We do not have the particulars at this time but please check back often.

Wishing you well with smiles,

Patricia L. Boerner/Melly – Conference Coordinator and President

The International Still’s Disease Foundation, Inc.

Still’s Conference Highlights

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